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My interests center around complex adaptive systems, especially in physiology. My research seeks to better understand mechanisms underlying nonlinear phenomena spanning different levels of physiological organization (note, not necessarily different spatiotemporal scales). The work in my lab combines theoretical (mathematics, biophysics) and experimental approaches (electrophysiological and optical recordings, computational simulations). For instance, I am studying biophysical principles underlying the formation and reactivation of neural traces within microcircuits. At a macroscopic level, neuronal activity depends on the anatomical connectivity, synaptic plasticity, and the level of heterogeneity in the physiological function of the neurons under consideration. Both of these factors are adaptively changed by neuromodulation,  regulation of gene expression, as well as internal and external stimuli. Understanding the general principles underlying the changes and the adaptability of functionally connected circuits is important to find mechanistic explanations about phenomena occurring at high levels of organization such as behavior, learning, and memory, etc. Importantly, the mathematical principles unveiled by research like the one described above are applicable to other areas of knowledge.

My academic background combines formal training in mathematics and physiological sciences and in my work, I combine theoretical and experimental approaches.  I also teach at undergraduate and graduate levels and train students to do research. I have also done work on non-academic fronts, consulting on projects in computational science, operations research, and epidemiology. I am currently an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

You can read more about my researchpublications and other documents like my Curriculum Vitae in the pages associated with this site. Please feel to contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions at

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Biosketch: Academic version.

Biosketch: Long version.

Curriculum Vitae (English (not up to date), spanish)


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