My research seeks to gain understanding of different complex adaptive (biological) systems spanning multiple levels of (biological) organization. My approach is akin to that of integrative physiology (computational neurosciences, and cardiophysiology) and systems biology (stochastic regulation of gene transcription). My current projects aim to understand more about how regulation of gene expression modulates the biophysics and biochemistry in cells, which affect, in turn, physiological function in cells and tissues. One of the most important theoretical components of my research is the study of random dynamical systems (RDS). From a computational perspective, RDS is the backbone of my current and future work in systems biology and integrative physiology, key approaches to studying the temporal dynamics of physiological processes underlying behavior, learning and memory, immune responses, etc. In the past, my group has performed experiments with reduced preparations and also behavioral experiments in which we record cellular activity from the nervous system. We have combined our experiments with mathematics and physics to analyze data at a deeper level and produce theoretical interpretations and predictions of our results.



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