Doctoral dissertations and bachelors’ thesis

  1. Herrera-Valdez, M.A. (2014) Geometry and nonlinear dynamics underlying excitability phenotypes in biophysical models of membrane potential. Ph.D. Dissertation in Mathematics, University of Arizona. Supervised by Joceline Lega. Key words: Dynamical systems, mathematical cardio- and neurophysiology, theoretical membrane biophysics, ion-channel expression.
  2. Herrera-Valdez, M.A. (2008) Relationship between nearly coincident spiking and common excitatory synaptic input predicted by a model of spiking motor neurons. Ph.D. Dissertation in Physiological Sciences, University of Arizona. Supervised by Andrew J. Fuglevand. Key words: Systems neurophysiology, membrane biophysics, network dynamics, random dynamical systems.
  3. Herrera-Valdez, M.A. (1997) Una regla de estrategia : no solo para jugadores. B.Sc. Thesis, U.N.A.M. Supervised by: Luis Alberto Briseño Aguirre. Key words: Probability and stochastic processes, martingales, gambling.

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